Try-out class Body Before Emotion in Haarlem (NL)



A unique workshop aimed at collaborating between filmmakers and actors.


Try-out classes this June in the historical center of  Haarlem, The Netherlands.



This workshop teaches film actors and directors to work together creatively. The teachers use different techniques inspired by film and theater, combining creativity, openness and a thorough preparation of scenes. The participants discover how filmmakers and actors can collaborate to create an environment that feeds spontaneity. The activities during this workshop are mostly practical and physical.



“Acting and directing are inseparable. That’s why we bring filmmakers and actors together and use ‘working through the body’ as a starting point to achieve credible acting infused by inspiring directions. Emotions and spontaneity can’t be planned, but your body -  posture, voice and gestures – is strongly connected to your emotional experiences, and linked with behavior of an actor when in front of the lens (or audience). During our classes we use a lot of physical exercises, ‘theater games’, tasks that focus cooperation and acting principles. Participants will learn how to deal with stress on the film set and may switch more easily from one imaginary situation to another. Above all, we want to provide an inspirational environment in which errors do not exist. “


- Fedor Sendak, teacher Body Before Emotion


Locatie: Cornelissteeg 7A, Haarlem, Noord-Holland. >> Google maps
Fee: €15 (3 hours / 1 day)
Language: English and/or Dutch
NB: You may only enroll once (one of the 4 classes), but we aim to offer a full 50 or 25 hour workshop in the near future.



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Send us a short message to with your name, age, gender, relevant experience and education. Please do indicate which dates and time you prefer (see below) and whether you would like to follow the workshop in English or Dutch:




Sunday June 11, 2017
11.00 to 14.00 o’clock
Sunday June 11, 2017
15.00 to 18.00 o’clock
Sunday June 18, 2017
11.00 to 14.00 o’clock
Sunday June 18, 2017
15.00 to 18.00 o’clock


The introductory workshop takes 3 hours.
NB: We’ll have 2 separate groups both Sundays. Fee: 15 euros.




Teachers: Fedor Sendak (filmmaker) en Sara Alba (performer)
PR & Production: Eva Wals
Dutch info on Body Before Emotion in Haarlem (in Dutch)


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