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Filmmakers are regularly in need of fresh film ideas. How can they develop them efficiently? This workshop teaches participants how to dream up their projects with confidence. The program structures the idea development phase by combining the creation of the story with sensory experiences. Topics that are tackled include: starting up, inspiration, originality, cooperation, discovering and organising material. We enrich the presentation of a film idea by choosing an unconventional presentation format. Although writing is indispensable element of the workshop, it is not a writing course. The focus will be on recognising sources of inspiration, the creative process and providing a clear working structure to develop a project step-by-step at a steady pace.


About the method

Merely writing a synopsis might not be the ideal way to develop and present a movie plan. Many screenwriters and film directors find it a struggle to compress their movie idea into a synopsis of only a few lines. Filmmaker and lecturer Fedor Sendak developed a form to develop and present movie ideas. In this way of idea development and presentation, your guts and your sensory experience is paramount.



During the workshop at least 3 external advisors will read synopses and ideas and provide feedback to the participants. The pool of advisors includes only experienced writers, teachers, editors: Talia Stone, Luuk Imhann, Bart Kuipers, Nyk de Vries, Sara Zorandy and Luuk van Huët.


About the teacher

For filmmaker Fedor Sendak (Amsterdam, 1975) everything is about exotic film ideas and the sharing of inspiration. With a background in illustration, photography and theater, Fedor previously worked for (scenario) competitions during cultural events and film festivals. He was involved in international organizations for young film makers and in recent years and worked teaches actors and film directors to work together creatively. His talks tackle topics such as creativity and spontaneity. During his workshop film idea development he strongly advocaes the involvement of the sensory organs. In addition to teaching, he writes his own scenarios.

“When filmmakers develop and present a film plan this is often done merely through a synopsis, a few lines of text to communicate what might become an entire film. Using such a ‘dry’ piece of text is like introducing a person by showing an x-ray of their skeleton. Of course the x-ray reveals that the person in question has, or not, a support structure inside the body. But it excludes a lot of flavors of you might want to know, to get acquainted. In Beyond The Synopsis we try to enrich to the standard x-ray in multiple ways.”

- Fedor Sendak, teacher/filmmaker


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